Student Lab Managers

The Student Lab Managers (SLM) program is dedicated to providing a launch pad for students to succeed in BioInnovation Group and in biotech research at large by providing them with the opportunity to learn basic laboratory skills and read scientific papers.

Excited about biotech? UC Davis students can attend our training sessions and bi-weekly journal club, no experience required.


Open Lab Hours

SLMs (or “slims” for short) hold open lab hours, which are designated time periods when students can use the facility to work on their projects. On the left is an example schedule - most weeks, the SLMs hold the lab open for 30+ hours. Outside of open lab hours, our members can still work on their projects with their team lead present.

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Our SLMs also serve to keep the lab safe. Trained in the core equipment and procedures performed in our lab space, they are responsible for ensuring that members are following safety guidelines at all times.

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Lab Skills Training

Student lab managers train new members on essential molecular biology techniques.

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Journal Club

Every two weeks, our SLMs sit down and chat with their peers about a nifty scientific paper. It’s like a book club for researchers!