Our Projects

BioInnovation Group at UC Davis is proud to maintain 5 ongoing projects. They are Microfluidics, Real Vegan Cheese, iGEM Team at UC Davis, 3D Bioprinter, and an industry collaboration with seed company HM Clause. Click on an image to learn more!


iGEM Team at UC Davis

Competing on an international stage in a summer-long research sprint to develop useful tools for research, industry, or humanity. iGEM stands for International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition.


3D printing low-cost microfluidic molds, validating chip designs, and replicating research.

Real Vegan Cheese

An offshoot of the RVC project at Counter Culture Labs in Oakland. By synthesizing key cheese proteins in yeast, we can eliminate animal cruelty and reduce the environmental impact involved in making cheese.

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Industry collaboration / HM Clause

Working with HM Clause, a vegetable seed company, to develop better, lower-cost solutions for assaying plant disease.

3D Bioprinter

Collaborating with a professor in the Chemical Engineering Department to create a perfusion bioreactor. By 3D printing a gel matrix with embedded cells, we can simplify the production and purification of transgenic proteins.