Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Program

BioInnovation Group at UC Davis is accepting applications from highly motivated students to join our Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Program. Individual students and teams at any stage are invited to apply.


About The Program

We provide support for teams to ideate, write proposals, find mentors, develop pitches, and fundraise. In the Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Program, you will…

  • Form your initial idea

  • Acquire funding (as an example, there is a campus unit that awards mini-grants of up to $3,000 on a competitive basis)

  • Develop an experimental plan and carry out your research

  • Refine your pitch and participate in startup competitions

  • Form relationships with mentors, advisers, and potential customers

Make no mistake, starting a company is hard work and requires a team of self-starters; we can’t do your job for you. But what we can do is provide the roadmap.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for BEP are…

  • Well-versed in laboratory skills related to their project (research experience is a plus!)

  • Eager to leave their comfort zone

  • Lifelong learners

  • Confident

However, we don’t require that you…

  • Have an idea already - it’s never too early to start building your company

  • Choose a project directly involving lab/research skills

  • Fit our description of an ideal candidate. If you think we can help you succeed, we encourage you to apply!

We review applications on a rolling basis.