about us

BioInnovation Group at UC Davis is an undergraduate-run research group. Our aim is to help motivated students gain technical skills, a business mindset, and apply themselves on real-world projects so that they are well equipped to pursue research or start a company after graduation.



In funding, Fall 2017


Independent undergraduate research projects


Undergraduates dedicating time to one or more projects

Who we are

The BioInnovation Group at UC Davis is an undergraduate-run research group located in the UC Davis Molecular Prototyping and BioInnovation Laboratory, and sponsored in part by VentureWell. Starting in Fall 2018, we have jumpstarted 5 undergraduate research projects involving over 60 students.


Highly interdisciplinary

Our members represent over 10 majors across the Colleges of Engineering and Biological Sciences.

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We call the Molecular Prototyping and BioInnovation Lab our home. It also supports undergraduate research seminars, senior design. The space is outfitted with PCR machines, -20° C and -80° C freezers, a biosafety cabinet, gel electrophoresis station, plate reader, centrifuges, two autoclaves, a shaking incubator, AKTA protein purification unit, a 0.5L bioreactor, and microscopes.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to strengthening the undergraduate experience at UC Davis by enabling students to apply themselves and take initiative in a research setting, so that they will navigate confidently through grad school, industry research, or starting their own company.